UWS/VOICE Grants Scheme

The UWS/VOICE Community Engagement Grant scheme, funded by the  Western Sydney University, provides 20 UWS students with $2000 towards the program fee of a Volunteers In Community Engagement (VOICE) Program departing in June/July and December 2015 and January 2016.

You can read about the grant on the university’s website here.

Students may also choose to use this grant to help them on a VOICE program as part of the Classrooms Without Borders program.

Grant Benefit:

Recipients of the grant will receive AUD$2,000 towards their VOICE program fee.


Applications are open to all current undergraduate and postgraduate students at UWS who meet VOICE’s application criteria.

Students must be enrolled correctly as well as have basic academic credit (GPA 4).

Application Process and Selection:

Applicants should read the information available on this website about VOICE’s programs, and select a first and second preference for the country they are interested in volunteering in.  Applicants must then complete the VOICE application form by clicking on the ‘Apply Here’ button. Applicants must list UWS as their University in the appropriate field (‘School/Occupation’).

Grants will be awarded on a merit basis determined by the quality of students’ application and interview performance in relation to VOICE’s selection criteria. VOICE selection is based on:

* Evidence of cultural awareness;

* Understanding of, and interest in, community development;

* Demonstration of teamwork and problem solving capabilities; and

* Strong motivations for participating in a VOICE project.

Conditions of the Grant:

Grant recipients must be available to participate in activities at UWS both before and after their participation in the VOICE project to promote UWS and VOICE as required by UWS.

Grant recipients must meet all relevant payment and administrative deadlines with VOICE in the lead up to their project. To have a look at deadlines for June/July Projects in 2015 check out the Key Dates.

Are you a student of The Academy at UWS? Have a look at what we’re doing with The Academy!

Available Programs

Vanuatu http://voiceaustralia.org.au/program/vanuatu

Cambodia http://voiceaustralia.org.au/program/cambodia-program

Costa Rica http://voiceaustralia.org.au/program/costa-rica/